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He did become a touring member of ShaNaNa in 1974, exiting amicably in 1975.
Unfortunately, a mistake on his mcat test places him on the waiting list, and rather than tell his parents about it, Gabe decides to try and convince the five candidates ahead of him to withdraw from the list, starting with a girl upon whom.
Poorly funded, written by the producer's friend or relative, and acted with little inspiration, these movies take up space on the video shelves of the civilized world, just waiting to be rented by some shmoe who sees a familiar face on the cover.
The SVT wouldn't have been my first choice for an amp-or even my fifth choice-but it worked a storm on that recording!".But beyond this inspired piece of guerilla filmmaking, Getting In is fairly representative of these tired "college hyjinx" films that pass for comedy.These directors call it "paying your dues." We call it "making crap.".He plays through a Fender Super Reverb on many occasions.In 1972, Randall left New York for California.Ron is supposed to have extreme agoraphobia, and towards the end of the movie this fact, plus the reason for it, come into play.It was there that Randall met guitarist Vinnie Bell, who was experimenting with various electronic effects.It was then that he reunited with Becker and Fagen, as well as childhood friend Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, and recorded the first Steely Dan album, Can't Buy a Thrill.
He states, "That was my '63 Fender Stratocaster with a PAF humbucker in the neck position, straight into an Ampeg my posture gutschein SVT bass amp.

He recorded and plays with his London-based "Posse" and his NYC-based "Randall's Rangers".Between 19e was a music teacher in Ohio.Randall's guitar work on "Reelin' in the Years" became popular as the song became a chart success, and soon, as the solo gained fame and respect, Randall began getting calls from other artists.In 1969 he joined the band Seatrain, opting for that band rather than joining Wilson Pickett in Muscle Shoals.The worst offender is Dave Chappelle as a computer nerd named Ron.In 1980, Randall was approached by John Belushi and asked to be the musical director for The Blues Brothers, a position which he also turned down.A full list of artists and producers with whom Randall has recorded can be found.Then Gabe breaks into his parents' house to steal a valuable painting in order to get the money to bribe Randall, but he later finds out this unnecessary, because Randall is dead!The neck pickup is a 1969 Gibson Humbucker.
At nine, in 1956, he switched to guitar.
He formed a band called Randall's Island, which recorded a few albums on Polydor.

Since the advent of midi in the early 1980s, Randall has worked as independent consultant for a wide range of companies, including Akai, Roland, Korg and Yamaha, in the areas of musical instrument and amplifier development, recording and sampling technology, software design, and education.